Stop Fearing Food and Start Loving Your Body...

An Unconventional Approach to Say Goodbye to Your Disordered Eating For Good!


Does This Sound Familiar?

You’ve been through all the programs and protocols and you’re still…

  • thinking about food more often than you’d like
  • eating when you’re not hungry and unable to stop when you’re full
  • ignoring your hunger for fear of having trouble stopping when you’re full
  • challenged with digestive issues, mood swings and anxiety relating to and resulting from your relationship with food (you know it’s not all in your head)
  • feeling you’ve exhausted all the possibilities for recovery



Are You Hungry for Freedom?

I invite you to register for this life changing course and be introduced to my signature system. During our time together I will inspire you to…

  • discover how your challenges with your body are a symptom of your beliefs about and relationship with food, which mirrors your beliefs about and relationship with life
  • honor your unique physiology, restore your health while taking a deep dive into WHO you are as an eater (no one size fits all philosophy here)
  • explore the aspects of physical and emotional hunger and
  • understand that true transformation is more about letting go than about changing what you do and that what truly nourishes you can’t be found in the kitchen



What would your life look like if you stopped directing the best of your energy to food, weight and the size of your thighs?  This will be the time that you finally stop fearing and make peace with food. During this powerfully eye opening course, we’ll explore the steps that will help you transform the energy of obsession to making lasting and sustainable changes in your life, including your relationship with food and your body.

Imagine The Possibilities

When you’re

  • Re-framing negative messages and limiting beliefs to re-affirm you are enough right now
  • Eating to satisfy your true physical hunger and knowing when you’ve had enough
  • Moving in a way that accepts and honors your body
  • Empowered with a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan that both nourishes and nurtures you back to the most vibrant version of yourself

Hungry for more? Register and Say Goodbye to Your Disordered Eating For Good! Find Structure, Tools, Accountability and Community

How I know Freedom is Possible….

I learned to diet in my early teens.  That began a 35 year spiral into a life where days were lost counting calories, fat grams and carbs. I bounced between extreme restricting, compulsive eating and consistent purging. I judged my-self worth and attractiveness by the size of my thighs, the size of my clothes, never being satisfied with the number on the scale or image in the mirror.

Determined to break free, I embarked on what became a decades long journey of healing self-discovery.  I’ve discovered that why and when I eat is as important as what I eat; that knowing how to diet didn’t mean I knew how to eat.  I’ve learned that food is medicine and the choices I make impact my my mood, my sleep, my digestion, and overall well-being.


The experience, strength and hope gained on this journey, along with certifications in Functional Medicine Nutrition and Eating Psychology, inspired me to create The Freedom Promise, a safe space where you’ll explore your personal story and how it’s played out in behaviors with food and beliefs about your body. Here I share the strategies and skills I’ve developed to find my way back from a life ruled by disordered eating, addictive behaviors and negative self-talk. It’s about learning that much of what you’re “feeling” is rooted in your gut and that so much of healing our minds, our thinking, happens when we heal our guts.  It’s about me embracing recovery and paying it forward.

With more than 23 years of experience, I’ve empowered countless numbers of women and men to finally stop fearing what food would do to them and start embracing what it could do for them. For the many suffering with Eating Disorders including Anorexia, Bulimia, Emotional and Binge Eating, I offer the opportunity for sustainable recovery that’s rooted in a functional and holistic philosophy.

The Freedom Promise is unlike any treatment protocol you’ve experienced thus far… 
When you embark on this journey with me, you get a partner to unconditionally support you to  explore, identify and restore both the the physiology and psychology that’s impacting your mind, body and spirit. Most recovery models leave this piece out - the “one size fits all”, “all foods fit” approach can leave you feeling like you aren’t doing it right. Say goodbye to Your Eating Disorder for Good: An Unconventional Approach to Stop Fearing Food and Start Loving Your Body combines the powerful lessons of gratitude, compassion and forgiveness with awareness and embodiment in a way that honors WHO YOU are as an eater.

I look forward to sharing all I have learned and the tools I rely on daily to help YOU find FREEDOM and peace with food and your body, as you re-claim your health and the fully nourished life you deserve and desire.





What Do I Mean by Freedom?

freedom | ˈfrēdəm | noun

  • the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint:
  • the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved:
  • the state of being physically unrestricted and able to move easily
  • (freedom from) the state of not being subject to or affected by (a particular undesirable thing)
  • the power of self-determination attributed to the will; the quality of being independent of fate or necessity. 

FREEDOM is an acronym for my signature system

  • Week 1  Laying the Foundation, Framing the Steps, Introducing the 7 Steps to Lasting Freedom

  • Week 2 - Find Your Enough, Face Your Feelings and Feel the Love! Re-frame and let go of the toxic beliefs holding you back from re-claiming the most vibrant version of yourself. Find gratitude for where you are now – it got you to this place of wanting change and creating the space in which you can be the change you want to see.

  • Week 3 - Rest and Digest! Practice healthier strategies for stress management. It starts with simple breath. Being in even a low level stress response impacts your sleep, your mood, and even slows digestion, impacting nutrient absorption.

  • Week 4 - Eat when you are hungry and stop when you have had enough! For many, hunger is something to be either denied or feared. You can learn to honor it. Learn the difference between true physical hunger, emotional hunger and how to manage both.

  • Week 5 - Eat mindfully and without distraction! When you’re distracted, you don’t allow yourself to receive the sensory stimuli from your food, preventing you from knowing when you’ve had enough. Discover that your negative thoughts distract and keep you in a stress response and you suffer the effects.

  • Week 6 - Do something everyday that makes your body feel Alive! Move your body in an effort to honor it – don’t punish it with exercise designed to make it go away or make up for something you ate.

  • Week 7 - Only eat food, not products! This looks different for every body and I will help you learn how to know what’s right for YOU. No one-size-fits-all, all-foods fit protocols here.

  • Week 8 - Make the effort to look at what truly nourishes you...your relationships, career, spirituality and physical activity. Sleep, movement, relationships, purpose and spirituality can’t be found in a kitchen but are what we crave in order to embrace the fully nourished life we deserve and desire.


Which of these steps is keeping you from living your fully nourished life?




Read what people are saying about working with Mindy


“Like many, my issues surrounding food have been a terrible, recurring story since my teenage years. Working with Mindy has made it so much easier to tackle this “Big Bad Wolf” (as she likes to refer my faulty belief system) that pops up during times when I feel inferior or sad or a loss of control. When I became pregnant I was terrified of how my changing body would impact my psyche, specifically my control issues. How could I surrender control of the way my body was going to develop and not have it affect my eating? Mindy helped me see how food can be something beautiful and good and whole to fuel my body and not the enemy in a battle of restricting or bingeing. She helped me ask myself “What can food do FOR me?’, instead of what it was going to do TO me’. Her approach is one of love and empathy that has changed my relationship with eating forever.” – L.B., New Mom



“I have been a client of Mindy’s for more than a year and my experience has had an incredible impact on my weight loss journey. Mindy has taught me to listen to my body and change the way I perceive myself and my relationship with food. Each session is meaningful, thought provoking and inspiring.” – S.S. Social Worker



“When I started my meetings with Mindy I was at a very unhappy place, both emotionally and physically. Weight and food had been a struggle for me these past few years and Mindy taught me that it really doesn’t have to be and that I could eat well and still lose weight. She didn’t just teach me how to diet. She taught me how to eat and taught me all about food. She was there for me not only through our meetings but whenever I needed her, always with open arms, ready to answer and feel my concerns with me. I’m now at a weight I feel comfortable at and am continuing to learn so much constantly through Mindy. It’s been so much of a learning process for me and really been a great lifestyle change!” – R.S., Special Education teacher



“Mindy Gorman-Plutzer has sincerely captured and articulated the power of self-love and awareness to heal lifelong patterns of disordered eating and self denial. With remarkable candor and heart warming humility, she illuminates in great detail the path she walked in order to create her proven steps to food freedom. Her words share hard-earned wisdom inspired by her personal journey. The message is clear and the messenger is full of compassion and insight. Experiencing her work once won't be enough.” – Beth Sandri,  AADP, “Forty Meditations in Forty Days"



You May be Wondering….

Q: Can only 8 weeks really undo all the years I’ve lost to my disordered eating?

A: Yes!! You can make significant progress that will accelerate your transformation to a relationship with food and your body that is loving and free. Will your Eating Disorder be totally gone? No, but you will have gained tools, skills and a new way of thinking that will help you to manage it.


Q: There are so many self-help books and programs out there. Can’t I do this on my own?

A: How’s that working for you so far? It’s really hard to navigate in the dark without someone who knows her way around. I’ve been where you are! I’ve spent a decade developing the strategies that will shine a light for you to come out of the darkness. There will be a safe and supportive community navigating this path together. We will build on and continue to gain wisdom from each other’s strengths and challenges.


Q: "I've tried many programs before and find it hard to stick to a plan. Why should I think this time will be different?"

A: This time will be different because it speaks to your uniques needs and guides you to look at your behaviors as they relate to your genetics, your history, your health. I bring my own experience with recovery to you throughout. I've been where you are and can speak to the challenges you're facing.


Q: "I've been told my symptoms are a result of my anxiety"

A: Most conventional recovery protocols don't address the relationship between gut health and eating disorders. My belief is that the food and lifestyle choices we make have a profound effect on the environment within and creates the opportunity for healing mind, body and spirit.


Q: "Will there be individual support offered?"

A: We will have a closed FaceBook group where your questions and concerns will be addressed as they come up. I'll personally meet with you twice a month for live coaching calls where we'll celebrate your wins, support your challenges, and address your personal concerns.


Q: "How will the content be delivered?"

A: When you enroll you'll be given access to a password protected platform where you'll receive the weekly modules, videos and relevant handouts and resources.  Our twice monthly live coaching calls will cover content and anything you feel is needed for the success of your journey.


Q: "What is the time commitment?"

A: Like anything else, what you put in has a direct correlation to what yo get in the way of benefits. Setting aside 2 hours a week to engage with your videos, action steps and community will be enough.


Q: "Do you offer a refund?"

A: Yes! I want you to be beyond satisfied. I want participants who can be fully engaged and committed to improving their relationship to food and their bodies. If after 2 weeks, you feel this course isn't providing the benefits you are seeking, I ask that you send me, in writing, examples of the action steps you've tried and an explanation of why it's not right for you. Upon receipt I will issue a partial refund, for what you've paid minus the cost of the products you get to keep.  Without the written explanation, sent by the end of the 14th day of enrollment, no refund will be issued.


Q: "What if I have technical issues, I'm not very tech-savvy?"

A: If you have a technical issue at any time during the course, send me an email and my team will be available to troubleshoot.


Your Investment Includes:

  • 8 Modules with video trainings, released each week covering the theme of the week 
  • Workbook with worksheets to keep you accountable and focused 
  • Action Steps and Journaling exercises to keep you engaged (invaluable)
  • Private FaceBook Community, providing a safe and supportive space for you to pose your challenges and celebrate your triumphs (priceless)
  • A proven gut healing protocol
  • Essential Oils chosen specifically for your healing journey
  • Access to Monthly calls with me, your chance to ask me anything in real-time

Proven Results When You:

  • Embark on a “digestible” plan that clears the clutter of toxic beliefs and behaviors

  • Move from deprivation to abundance as it relates to nutrition and lifestyle

  • Listen to and connect with the wisdom of your body

  • Re-frame hunger and self-soothing as it relates to self care

  • Learn practical and reliable tools to nurture and nourish, skills to manage the triggers


Live the Change… Be the Change… See the Change that comes with a transformative relationship with food, your body and your life as one mirrors the other, creating a healthy mind, body and spirit.

One-time payment of $997
3 monthly payments of $349

Important: This course is not designed to be a substitution for seeking professional treatment from a therapist or medical doctor. It is meant to be a wonderful addition to your recovery protocol or stand on its own if you are in the later stages of recovery. If you feel at any time you need a higher level of care, email me and I will make the appropriate referral.

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