Stop Fearing Food and Start Loving Your Body: 
An Unconventional Approach to Say Goodbye to Your Disordered Eating For Good!!

Hosted by Mindy Gorman-Pulitzer FNLP, CEPC, CHC
Functional Nutrition and Eating Psychology Coach


Live the Change…
Be the Change…
See the Change that comes with a transformative relationship with food, your body and your life as one mirrors the other, creating a healthy mind, body and spirit.
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Please join us and learn a bit about my story and why my program is so different from all the programs you have already tried. 
Imagine the Possibilities When:
You’re re-framing negative messages and limiting beliefs to reaffirm you are already enough.

You’re eating to satisfy your true physical hunger and know when you’ve had enough 
You move in a way that accepts and honors your body

You’re empowered with a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan that both nourishes and nurtures you back to the most vibrant version of yourself

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